Thorax Model

In minimally invasive surgery (MIS), the thorax poses a special challenge to developers and treatment teams due to its rigid shell of ribs, sternum, and spine and the sensitive and highly delicate internal organs they protect.


In addition, minimally invasive thoracic surgery requires special psychomotor skills from physicians. Basic practical skills should already be learned and perfected outside the operating room.


The Magdeburg Thorax Model accurately reproduces the spatial configuration in the human thorax. As a surgical training model, it enables students, engineers, nurses and physicians to study and practice interventions and operations on the thorax in a realistic manner.


The model was generated from patient data and is therefore a 1:1 copy of a human rib cage. A male thorax ("Otto"), a female thorax ("Editha") and a pediatric thorax ("Liudolf") are available for the different requirements.


Due to the additive manufacturing process used, individual customer requirements can be taken into account when implementing special functions and features.


As an inactive model, the Magdeburg Thorax Model is easy to install, flexible and cost-effective to use.



The Magdeburg Thorax Model is the result of a scientific cooperation with:



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Fabian Laufer, Research Associate

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Mario Vietmeyer, Workshop Manager

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